The effectiveness of our work is based on the synergy of our values and competencies:

efficiency and high quality of services
– this is what our customers appreciate us for;
individual approach and flexible tariff policy
allow us to effectively solve the logistical problems of our customers, taking into account the unique needs of their business;
transparency and reliability openness
– these are the basic principles of our work. We stand for an open dialogue with partners and are always ready to cooperate.
personal experience and proven solutions of the team of professionals
from various areas of the logistics industry;
By switching the customer's cargo flow from sea to rail transport managed to achieve optimization of terms of delivery of raw materials to the enterprise by 22%.
Through the use of tank containers LLC "Smartlock" was able to export and to develop sales from the enterprise by-product of lignosulfonate, which was previously stored.
By switching the volume of transportation of raw materials for the client's enterprises from road to rail transport, it was possible to reduce the client's logistics costs by 1.5 times.
Thanks to the opening of a new warehouse site "Smartlog" managed to reduce the cost of logistics of the client BY 11.2%
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